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How The Website Works

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Navigation within the website was designed to be simple, instinctive, and easy-to-use. The side navigation menu can reference the major page trees, including Home, How To Play, and a Contact link. At the top right is the SignIn/SignOut link. Above that is a clock which reads official server time for easy reference.

The purpose of many of these pages is straightforward enough and their function requires no explanation. However, the website is not without unusual aspects. The most apparent of these is that there are now three complete versions of the site that function in parallel. Some information on the original version of the site can be found here. Please note that many features of either the original version of the site or its successor no longer work as expected.

For more information on each of the major subpages, use the links below.

In addition, there is a mobile application and interface that can be used to play the full game, or the simplified Planets Academy.