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This page is the main landing spot for any player's account. On it can be found a player's profile (including thumbnail picture and text), a "SEND MESSAGE" link (for account pages of other players), an icon showing the account status (grey chick for free/non-Premium and blue swan for Premium ), and five tabs with information on that player's games (more on these below). In addition, either on the right side (for widescreen displays) or below the games tab (for smaller screens) is an area which provides access to the Activity Feed, containing the six most recent posts, and, at the end, a link to a page containing the fifty most recent posts. Near the bottom of the primary tab is a list of a few recent official news releases by the development team.

To send a message to a player, bring up their Home page and click on the "SEND MESSAGE" link. A popup will appear where the message can be entered.

The five tabs are:

My Games

This, the default tab, contains a list of every active public game in which a player is enrolled. If this page references the player currently logged in, it also includes all private and training games to which the player belongs, as well as the Holiday Mode toggle button. Clicking on the name of any game will bring up that game's information page.


On this tab can be found a list of all public games which the player was active in at the time it finished. Clicking on any entry will bring up that game's information page. At the top of the tab is basic Tenacity information (visible to all players) and paid membership status (yourself only).


Every player maintains twelve different officer ranks, one for each race in the game. On this tab can be found a list of a player's officer positions for each of the twelve races. Clicking on any active officer will open an officer-specific interface known as the homeworld page. This will show the officer's detailed history with that race as well as provide an interface for researching and selecting advantages and custom ship styles for Campaign games as a representative of that race.


On this tab can be found entry to the solo game interface, where a player can attempt training games against a computer opponent. The progress of the player to-date through these solo levels is tracked here.


This tab provides access to a list of all games you are hosting, whether Interest, private and joining, or presently running. A button on this page permits a player to create a new game. (See Game Setup Options for more details.)


Here can be found information on the Groups to which a player belongs. On one's own page, a link to each active Group can be selected, which will activate the member list and private chat log of that Group.