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Starbase Interface Pane

Planets —> Starbases —> Starbase Interface Pane

Starbases provide planetary defense platforms and have the ability to construct, repair, and manipulate ships.

There are four information tabs on the starbase interface: Defense, Status, Space Dock, and Orders. In addition, there is a graphical window which shows icons for the starbase, its planet, and any ships in orbit. At the top of this part of the starmap will appear buttons used for cycling through your planets in sequence, including a checkbox. This checkbox is used for marking ships as either Not Finished, Finished, or Ignore.


You may use the Defense button to build Defense Posts on the starbase. The more Defense Posts on a starbase, the better able the base is to defend against attacks from enemy ships. Below is a display containing the present defense statistics of the starbase proper. For more detailed information on this subject, please see the Starbase Defense and Fighters information page.

There is also a button marked Friendly Code , which can be used to manually change the Friendly Code (which is shared with the base's planet). Below, there is a display containing the present Friendly Code which, if clicked, will generate a new random Friendly Code. It should be noted that this random Friendly Code could be the same as one of the special Friendly Codes.


On the Status bar is a "Notes" button (allows you to record a personal note regarding this starbase) and a "Tech Levels" button (opens the Tech Levels interface). The Tech Levels interface allows you to upgrade your tech levels in four independent areas. These four areas of technology are hull , engine , beam weapons and torpedoes.

Unlike the Notes on a planet or starship, the Notes on a starbase aren't displayed when the cursor is over the planet/starbase.

Space Dock

The Build Torpedoes button opens the torpedo construction interface. Only torpedoes that fit tubes for which the starbase has the tech level to construct can be built here. When you build torpedoes, remember to build only the torpedo types that match the launcher types that you are using on your ships; otherwise, the torpedoes will remain in storage.

The Build Ship command button switches to the Space Dock interface, which allows you to construct starships from components in storage or built on the spot. In the build screen you may select the hull and engine type and add weapons if possible/desired.

From the Space Dock interface you can select subscreens that allow you to construct new starship components such as hulls, engines and weapons. Excess components, but not hulls, may be converted back into minerals if you use the DMP planetary Friendly Code.


The Fix button allows you to repair damaged starships in orbit around this starbase's planet.

The Recycle button will have all the ship's parts taken off the ship and put into storage. The hull is then broken up and converted into minerals (all minerals used to build the ship are returned), and one Priority Build Point or Priority Point is generated. Please note that in the basic version there is no "cancel" button; instead, simply command the starbase to Fix a ship and the Recycle order will be countermanded, since a starbase can only perform one of these two functions each turn.

If control of the planet changes due to Ground Combat , the Primary Orders will be reset to None .

In addition to Fix/Recycle, the Orders command bar instructs the starbase to take one of the following automatic actions:

For more information on things that can be done at starbases, you'll want to be very familiar with all of the Starbase and Planetary Friendly Codes.