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The Evil Empire are an old race whose core technology revolves around fusing their bodies with Dark Matter and Dark Energy. The early days of the technology led to a great divide between those who controlled the tech, and those who did not, creating a master class known as the Core and a slave cast known as the Light.

This Dark Matter fusion imbue the Core with tremendous power and longevity, but with long term side affects. The Core are power hungry, extremely paranoid, and in the eyes of most outsiders, evil. They crush all opposition with ruthless efficiency. The longer one is joined with the dark matter, the more powerful they become. The oldest, most powerful (and most evil) of the Core, are known only as “Those Who Order”. The rest of the population, called the Light, do not have access to the Dark Matter tech. Their lives are considered to be of little importance and are essentially enslaved by the Core. To be used and tossed away as needed.

The Imperial fleet boasts the Gorbie, the most powerful Battlecarrier known to the Echo Cluster. Disdaining torpedoes as inefficient, their fleet contains only a single utility frigate. Instead, the Empire relies heavily on fighters, using streamlined starbase production lines to cheaply resupply their navy. They field a variety of fighter transport vessels; certain more advanced factions also have the ability to efficiently transfer fighter complements between bases and carriers. Imperial ships are captained by members of the Core who possess the power to Dark Sense enemy planets and starbases. Some believe this to be a mystical psychic sense, others contend that this is superstitious nonsense, the information merely the result of a pervasive yet highly secret intelligence network.

There is no doubt however of the power of their Dark Energy when used in ground combat from their Imperial Super Star Destroyer. These ships are charged with Dark Matter technology which can supercharge a small strategic landing force (usually of the Core) which can effectively sterilize an entire enemy planet, capturing it and any starbase intact.

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