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The following rules must be strictly followed at Breaking any of the following rules can lead to consequences up to and including immediate suspension of your account:

  1. Be considerate of other players. Refrain from name calling, swearing, and other abusive behavior.
  2. Do not, under any circumstances, join any public game with two accounts. You should only ever have one view of the game from one player position. Joining with two accounts is considered cheating. (Private games are not restricted by this rule.)
  3. Do not use any technical means to fool, post to, or modify the system data. (Utilizing an exploit is considered a violation of this rule.)

Reporting Rule Violations

While the Customer Support Team is always on the alert for instances of cheating, they can't be expected to find every one automatically. If you suspect a player of breaking any of the site rules, you should report it to the Customer Support Team by using the Contact link. (For more about the Contact link, read here. ) In order to keep the play environment a friendly one, we ask that you do not post accusations publicly, whether in the Activity Feed or on any in-game public thread. Such posts may be removed at the discretion of site administration.

Penalties for rule violation may be assessed at the discretion of site administration and the Customer Support Team. Possible penalties include removal of the offensive activity, account limiting, or suspension, and in-game violations may attract the notice of the dreaded Tim Continuum.

(See also: Terms of Use and Privacy Policy )