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Robot Imperium

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The Robots are all that is left of a brilliant species, which unified and ascended to another dimension. Leaving them behind. Abandoned by their creators they found themselves alone in the galaxy, seeking meaning. Each of their base ships embodies a powerful AI who help organize and coordinate the movements of millions of individual robots, fighters and smaller ships of various degrees of intelligence. They project power on a vast scale and are extraordinarily defensive of their territory. However, they secretly pine for their lost masters and are seeking a path to follow them. They traveled to the Echo Cluster because the cosmic energy patterns of the cluster appeared to be aligning in a way similar to their region of space shortly before their creators departed.

Some Robots groups may appear to simply be against all forms of intelligent biologic life. Indeed, many interactions with the Robots will appear as such. However, the true core of the Robotic Imperium understands and values life and its unique attributes.

In addition to their powerful base ships they have advanced specialization in manufacturing for both deep space mines and fighter craft. Allowing them to fill their carriers with fighters and cover vast areas of space with minefields very quickly from their cheap and flexible Cats Paw Class Destroyer.

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