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Time Machine

Dashboard —> Time Machine

The Time Machine interface can be reached either by the button on the main dashboard or from the link on the left menu bar.

From this interface, one may access the saved end-of-turn status of any previous turn, specifically including all reports, the scoreboard, the starmap, and every ship, planet, and starbase. All orders successfully filed before the end of that historical turn will be reproduced. Any changes made in the Time Machine will, of course, remain unchanged when one returns to the present turn, as you can't change the past.

Due to data transfer limitations, the Time Machine doesn't interface completely with the message feed. As such, it is sometimes advisable to close and then reopen the game turn after using the Time Machine.

The Time Machine may also be accessed from most screens by use of the i and o hotkeys to go back and forward respectively. If the hotkeys stop working, it can be refreshed by returning to the Home page on the Dashboard.