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Missing Colonies of Man

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The Missing Colonies of Man are humans, lost in space for millenia. They have survived against all odds and embraced life between the stars.

As a result, they have become masters of improvisation and versatility, and nothing demonstrates this better than the composition of their fleet and technology. Armed freighters, science vessels, and light escort craft all take their places proudly on the battle lines, courageously (if suicidally) defending humankind from extinction. Their flagship, the mighty Virgo Class Battlestar, is extremely powerful while still being both lightweight and inexpensive to build.

The key to their survival was the development of the Cobol Class Research Cruiser which is equipped with a ram scoop to pull limitless energy from space.

They have also developed excellent ship board manufacturing techniques for fighters and fighter pilots are the mainstay of the combat fleet; their losses are always high, and so are their honors.

Arrival in the Echo Cluster finally created an opportunity for the Lost Colonies to find a new home, but not all members of society are ready to leave the stars behind.

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