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The Crystal people are a silicon-based life form. Old beyond understanding, some say the ancient ones awakened near the beginning of time.

Young crystals are highly mobile and quick. Their forms are strange and even repulsive to most other races, and vary between limbless polyhedrals with glowing eyes, animate menhirs and monoliths, and multi legged exoskeletal entities similar to arachnids. Adult crystal people settle into one spot and never move again. They are tended to by the young. They essentially live forever but their metabolism slows further and further until they appear inert to normal time. However, they have a highly advanced society and are extremely adaptable and cosmopolitan in nature.

The heart of each crystal ship is a wise and rooted adult. Tended to by hundreds of young. They seek out and terraform planets to create the perfect high temperature environments to form vast crystal ranges for their children, connected through technology. The peak of crystal society.

Once rooted, and unable to move, adult crystals tend to become anxious and paranoid about their protection. This has led to the development of their core technology, the web mine. With these web mines they can cast a net across space ensnaring and stopping enemy ships, while draining their fuel for eventual capture.

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