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General Information —> Game Setup Options differs in many ways from the original THOST version that was written in the 90s. Joshua has tried to keep the changes utilitarian and cosmetic in the VGA Planets format. In Classic games, it is rare that anything major, or anything that would impact game balance, has been changed.

Early in Nu, however, variants were introduced. The first and still the most flexible venue that was created was the Campaign setting, which permits players to customize their race abilities within certain very strict limits. Since then, other variations have been created, and now that some custom (player-created) games can become public, these options can be put together in a wide variety of new and interesting ways.

Here's a list of the basic styles of game that are regularly offered:

The differences between many of these games are described here.

There are also some common custom games that should be mentioned.

Here's a list of a few of the individual features that can be chosen in a Custom game:

It is possible to examine the detailed settings of a game. This can be done by selecting the game, either from a player's "My Games" or "History" list or from the "Game List". Under the bar graph showing the minerals, there is a "SETTINGS..." link. Selecting that link will display the detailed settings for the game. Most of these settings are described in the Setup Customization page.