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Native Races

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Every native race has an advantage or behavior that in most cases can be used for your advantage.

The Horwasp have the ability to harvest most native races, converting each native to larvae, usually at a rate of three per clan depending on which race is harvested.


As the only unfriendly native race, Amorphous lifeforms eat 5 clans per turn, given an end-of-turn happiness level of 90 or higher. If their happiness drops below 90, an additional clan will be consumed for each point below 90. A happiness of 80 will cause the Amorphous lifeforms to consume 15 clans.

They do not pay taxes and will become upset if you try to tax them. Their numbers are immune to Cyborg assimilation and the effects caused by civil wars, though not to Pillage or Plunder. The detonation of a Glory Device in orbit can kill them, converting them to Supplies. Finally, capturing a planet in combat will decrease the population.

The Horwasp harvest Amorphous natives as they would any other. Amorphous natives consume 30 Horwasp clans per turn.


Amphibians will grant Tech 10 beam weapon technology to a newly built starbase orbiting their planet for free Note 1 .


Avians are a forgiving (read "absent-minded") native species, granting a +10 bonus to the change in happiness per turn.

When an Avian planet has been colonized by the Horwasp, the Avians breed 25% faster than normal. Harvested Avians yield only two larvae per Avian.


The Botanicals are a rare Native Race. They first migrated to the Echo Cluster in Nu year 118 and have been encountered only occasionally since then.

A planet with Botanicals increases the maximum Colonist population by 50% and doubles the Colonist growth rate.

Botanicals can increase their level of Government, but the reason for this is not yet known. In addition, they appear to spread; if natives are discovered on a nearby planet, they will probably be Botanical.


Every 10,000 Bovinoids will produce 1 supply unit per turn. The planet owner must have 100 colonists (one clan) for every supply that they collect each turn.

Harvested Bovinoids yield four larvae per Bovinoid.


Ghipsoldals will grant Tech 10 engine technology to a newly built starbase orbiting their planet for free Note 1 .

Horwasp pods launched from a planet with Ghipsoldals have the additional option to travel at Warp 7 as well as the standard speeds of 3, 6, and 9.


Humanoids will grant Tech 10 hull technology to a newly built starbase orbiting their planet for free Note 1 .


Insectoids pay twice the normal taxes at a certain tax rate, without increasing the colonists required to collect the taxes.

Harvested Insectoids yield only one larva per Insectoid.


If there are 100 or more Reptilians living on a planet then your mining rate will be doubled. They will gladly help your colonists mine and move large boulders.

When involved in ground combat with other natives (due to a Horwasp Farm pod), the Reptilians will fight at a 2:1 advantage, whereas all other native races fight at 1:1.


Siliconoids will grant Tech 10 torpedo technology to a newly built starbase orbiting their planet for free Note 1 . Additionally, they grow best on desert planets.

The Horwasp can't harvest Siliconoids, and consider them to be pests. The Horwasp can, however, exterminate them.

Note 1

This enhancement is only available if the natives exist before a starbase is built. When a starbase is built the technology is incorporated for free as the natives help with the starbase construction, using their skills to incorporate the relevant construction equipment into the starbase.

If the natives are found or arrive after the starbase is built, they cannot incorporate the technology into the starbase, so it has to be purchased as normal. As an alternative, the starbase could be destroyed by taking off all clans, then rebuilt.

For Amphibian natives, this boon does not enhance planetary defense before a starbase has been built. Once a starbase has been built, the planetary defenses will be upgraded to Tech 10 beams.

See also: Native Governments , Taxes and Happiness and Native Race Details.