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Fury society is defined first and foremost by absolute loyalty to the Hege. A couple who taught the “Way of Fury” and united the species to embark on the search for a new home and now exist as extremely long lived Echo’s. Every 50 years either the male, known as “The Hammer”, or the female, known as “The Dance”, decelerate for 1 day to observe and proclaim the directive for the age.

A leadership ministry of 27 Echo’s administers the empire, 9 at a time in overlapping periods of different length depending on their ministry. (3 exist for each of the 9 areas of administration; war, logistics, diplomacy, food, education, science, reproduction, interpretation, technology) A rigid, militaristic, hierarchical structure exists in all areas, however a strong undercurrent of meritocracy exists and individual acts of heroism or achievement are revered.

The general populace is defined by a loyal, naive belief in the rightness of the Hege and the Fury. This belief is so extreme, and so ingrained that all members of society who believe they have broken the code are prepared to self-sacrifice at any time to maintain the honor of the empire or to defend it. The value of an individual’s life is but a tiny speck. Self sacrifice through combat is ideal, but an airlock is also considered a path to compensation.

The intensity of this belief system is further enhanced by the core herd-like nature of the species and the ongoing genetic manipulation of each successive generation to further enhance the traits of loyalty, humility and extremism. They see any others who do not follow the Fury as beneath them and will pillage and plunder these populations without remorse.

Their technology is relatively weak, but diverse and they have extreme proficiency in building and operating beam weapon technology. Their strength comes from their commitment to the Way and their ruthless approach to combat.

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