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The original VGA Planets game was written by Tim Wisseman of the Tim Continuum way back in the BBS era.

This current incarnation,, was based on the original game and was written for modern computers by the enigmatic leader of the Galactic Senate, Joshua.

Our chief technical and customer support representative is Big Beefer, who started working full-time at in March 24, 2015, and is famed for his many contributions to the game through add-ons.

This documentation has been assembled using duct tape, glue, large quantities of internet twine and chewing gum, random scraps of paper, and the original documentation (complete with original coffee stains and grease spots) by a volunteer editing staff. Active editors include:

In addition, there are a few Editors who have helped to shape the content, format and/or structure of the documentation, but have moved on to other projects. These are:

As always, thanks are due to the creators of any original sci-fi content that we shamelessly lampoon here in the game. We would especially like to thank Mikhail Gorbachev and H. Ross Perot for being such good sports, but we love you all for having enriched our lives.

Please note: This page is a long way from being a complete acknowledgement for every contribution; such a page would be a good A.U. in length.