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" Looking at these stars suddenly dwarfed my own troubles and all the gravities of terrestrial life. "
  –  H. G. Wells - The Time Machine

In the Beginning, all was empty and formless, and Tim whispered words of wisdom: Let the Echo Cluster be. And it was so. And there was evening, and there was morning - VGA Planets Version 3.

Those round orbs which form the Echo Cluster are the lifeblood and currency of this game. From the noblest to the lowliest of matches, the competitor controlling the most planets wins. Even in team events, the player with the highest planet count receives the greatest reward.

In Standard setups, each race begins with one homeworld. Commanders send forth starships to explore and colonise more worlds. These new colonies provide a place for colonist population to grow, minerals to be developed, and planetary structures and starbases to be built.

Beneath the surface of every uncharted sphere, vast riches await. Miners unearth pockets of neutronium, tritanium, duranium, and molybdenum, and when natives are befriended, they reward their masters with gobs of money.

As an invaluable commodity, planets are protected by manufacturing defense posts, starbase defenses, and warships.

Homeworld Destruction Happiness Change

As of Jan 1st 2021, non-Classic games will feature a mechanism to increase the value of Homeworlds. The loss of a race's Homeworld results in a major reduction in Happiness Score. For ALL PLANETS belonging to that empire, colonist Happiness will drop 70 points, and native Happiness will fall by 20 (These numbers can be changed when designing a custom game.). If a homeworld is captured, this effect can easily drive every planet into civil war.

This penalty is only applied when original Homeworlds are destroyed. It does not occur with conquered capitals, and, if lost a second time, the remnants of the race's origin will no longer trigger this devastating forfeiture. Also, this change has no impact on the Horwasp.

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