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Custom games can be created by players in good standing here on, and they can be modified from any base configuration in myriad ways. This is a description of the settings that can be used to customize games. Since customization options are always changing, the lists below may well be incomplete or have minor errors.

To create a custom game, go to your Account page, select Hosting, then select Design Game. The Design Game screen has three tabs, each of which will be discussed individually.

To get information on the settings of a created game, select the game, then the settings button. The various settings are shown in that screen. Those settings from this page that show up on that screen are shown with the "parameter" that it will have on the settings screen.

Game Settings

This section is where you describe the type of game to be created, as well as most of the player features.


This section is where you establish player and race structure.


This section is where you describe the "physical" attributes of the cluster to be created.

Care should be taken with the size of the cluster, the number of planets, star clusters and debris fields, and the number of planets near the homeworld. It is possible to set these values such that the cluster can't be created, which will generate an error. Please remember that star clusters and debris disks create areas where planets can't exist. The default planet density is 7261-8253 light-years 2 per planet, depending on the map shape.

Note 1: If you want the planet density in the Homeworld Clusters to be the same as in the rest of the map, this page will be of use.