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Horwasp Plague

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Blood sucking, transdimensional, psychokinetic, flying monsters, the Horwasp are an aggressive invasive insect species in the Chupanoid family.

Horwasp technology is organically based. Their starships are created from organic material infused with metallic components. Their engines and weapons are powered primarily using the Horwasp crew's innate psychokinetic abilities. Most of their starships are launched on one-way, single direction trips by huge mind-controlled neutronium explosions from within their colonies. These one-way ships are referred to as pods.

The Horwasp are very territorial, and they don't communicate well with other races. Because of this, the Horwasp can only offer alliances to other Horwasp in the sector. They do, however, occasionally offer free passage to other races.

In order to work and multiply they must Harvest native lifeforms. From each native clan, larvae are produced which are buried in the ground. These larvae will consume the native clans and go through metamorphosis, becoming more workers soon thereafter. As soon as they emerge, they will imprint on any adult Horwasp present. If no adult Horwasp is present, the recently emerged Horwasp will initiate ground combat with the colonists.

The Horwasp do not build any structures on the planets they occupy. Instead, their workers can be assigned to perform various tasks. Small numbers of workers are not very effective, but small colonies can grow massive and transform worlds.

Horwasp scanning technology is weak and can only detect ships within 150 light-years (and Robots only at a quarter of that range). However, they can use their psychokinetic powers to detect any ships with life on board within that range regardless of their location within planetary systems or any cloak status.

When Horwasp ships are destroyed, some of the clans on board will appear on nearby planets. It is believed, but not verified, that this is done through the Horwasp psychokinetic ability, and that it's limited to only those Horwasp who quickly recognize the danger and have the psychokinetic strength to transport themselves.

Instead of minefields, the Horwasp can launch Protofields which cover vast areas of space. Ships traveling through the protofield are infected by half-living proto-molecules. These molecules will damage the ship until completely removed. Protofields can be swept away using beam weapons like other minefields.

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