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Dashboard —> Advantages

The Advantages screen of the dashboard shows a list of all advantages and hulls available for your chosen race in the Campaign environment. In particular, it lists which advantages and variant hulls have been activated for this particular game. For non-Campaign games, only the basic advantages can be active.

Some advantages are available to multiple races, and are active by default (but many can be selected for deactivation in Campaign settings). These include:

Other advantages are available only to specific races, and are active by default (although a few can be selected for deactivation). These include:

The following Advantages are active in new Standard games, going forward from the date of introduction, but not old ones or the Classic environment.

There are certain advantages that are only available for use in a Campaign environment. These advantages must be researched with Campaign Resources. These advantages include:

A list of starsbip abilities can be found here.

Several starships have advantage points associated with them, and the starship can be enabled/disabled. Those starships are as follows:

Starship Advantage Points Campaign-Only?
Accelerator 30 No
Annihilation Class Battleship 40 No
Aries Class Transport 20 No
Arkham Class Cruiser 10 Yes
Armored Ore Condenser 10 Yes
Automa Class Baseship 40 No
B200 Class Probe 10 No
B222b Destroyer 40 Yes
B41b Explorer 20 Yes
Biocide Class Carrier 65 No
Bohemian Class Survey Ship 15 No
Br4 Class Gunship 25 No
Br5 Kaye Class Torpedo Boat 30 No
Bright Heart Class Destroyer 5 No
Bright Heart Light Destroyer 5 Yes
Brood 10 No
Brynhild Class Escort 5 No
Cat's Paw Class Destroyer 20 No
Chameleon Class Freighter (C) 20 Yes
Cobol Class Research Cruiser 70 No
Crystal Thunder Class Carrier 30 No
Cybernaut B Class Baseship 20 Yes
D19b Nefarious Class Destroyer 35 No
D19c Nefarious Class Destroyer 40 Yes
D3 Thorn Class Cruiser 20 Yes
D3 Thorn Class Destroyer 5 No
D3 Thorn Class Frigate 10 Yes
D7 Coldpain Class Cruiser 10 No
D7b Painmaker Class Cruiser 15 Yes
D9 Usva Class Stealth Raider 20 Yes
Dark Wing Class Battleship 80 No
Deth Specula Armoured Frigate 10 Yes
Deth Specula Class Frigate 10 No
Deth Specula Heavy Frigate 20 Yes
Deth Specula Stealth 30 Yes
Diamond Flame Class Battleship 20 No
Diplomacy B Class Cruiser 10 Yes
Dungeon Class Stargate 35 Yes
Dwarfstar Class Transport 5 No
Dwarfstar II Class Transport 10 Yes
Emerald Class Battlecruiser 30 No
Enlighten Class Research Vessel 20 Yes
Eros Class Research Vessel 15 No
Falcon Class Escort 40 No
Fearless Wing Cruiser 10 No
Firecloud Class Cruiser 140 No
Golem Class Baseship 50 No
Gorbie Class Battlecarrier 60 No
Hive 40 No
Ill Wind Class Battlecruiser 20 No
Imperial Topaz Class Gunboats 25 Yes
Instrumentality Class Baseship 30 No
Iron Lady Class Command Ship 50 Yes
Jacker 20 No
Kittyhawk Class Carrier 10 No
Lady Royale Class Cruiser 10 No
Large Deep Space Freighter 15 No
Lizard Class Cruiser 20 No
Loki Class Destroyer 40 No
Lorean Class Temporal Lance 35 Yes
Madonnzila Class Carrier 10 No
Madonnzila Class Carrier (C) 25 Yes
Merlin Class Alchemy 25 No
Meteor Class Blockade Runner 90 No
Nebula Class Cruiser 20 No
Neutronic Refinery Ship 10 No
Nova Class Super-dreadnought 40 No
Onyx Class Frigate 15 No
Pawn B Class Baseship 10 Yes
Pawn Class Baseship 5 No
Pl21 Probe 20 No
Protofield 40 No
Red Wind Class Carrier 5 No
Red Wind Storm-Carrier 30 Yes
Reptile Class Destroyer 5 No
Reptile Class Escort 5 Yes
Resolute Class Battlecruiser 30 No
Ru25 Gunboats 10 Yes
Ru30 Gunboats 25 Yes
Ruby Class Light Cruiser 20 No
Rush Class Heavy Carrier 50 No
Saber Class Frigate 35 No
Saber Class Shield Generator 60 Yes
Sage Class Repair Ship 10 Yes
Sapphire Class Space Ship 40 Yes
Saurian Class Frigate 10 Yes
Saurian Class Heavy Frigate 20 Yes
Saurian Class Light Cruiser 10 No
Scorpius Class Heavy Carrier 20 Yes
Selenite Class Battlecruiser 30 Yes
Sentry 10 No
Skyfire Class Transport 20 Yes
Soldier 20 No
Super Star Carrier II 10 Yes
Super Star Cruiser II 10 Yes
Super Star Destroyer 60 No
Swift Heart Class Scout 5 No
T-Rex Class Battleship 20 No
T-Rex Class Battleship (C) 35 Yes
Tantrum Liner 30 Yes
Thor B Class Frigate 5 Yes
Thor Class Heavy Frigate 15 Yes
Topaz Class Gunboats 10 Yes
Tranquility Class Cruiser 10 No
Valiant Wind Storm-Carrier 5 Yes
Vendetta Stealth Class Frigate 5 Yes
Victorious Class Battleship 20 No
Virgo Class Battlestar 45 No
White Falcon Class Cruiser 10 No
Wild Banshee Class Destroyer 10 Yes
Zilla Class Battlecarrier 15 Yes

Finally, there are a few starships that are unique, in excess of the Advantages they've been granted. These Emperor Starships were created to honor each successive Emperor, and are as follows: