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Warp Wells

Starmap —> Warp Wells

All planets place a stress on the time space continuum for a distance of 3 light-years in all directions. Any ship that ends its turn within 3 light-years of a planet is in the planet's warp well (the green and yellow squares in the image below), and will fall into the planetary orbit automatically; the ship's waypoint will be unchanged. Ships with multiple waypoints set (see navigation) should be cautious of this.

Zooming into a single planet on the Starmap, the warp well becomes apparent as a grid around the planet.

Ships not affected by warp wells are non-moving ships and any ship with a warp speed of 1. Even ships equipped with Gravitonic Accelerators can move inside a warp well at warp 1. Ships under tow travel with their towing craft.

A ship that is hyperjumping is still affected by warp wells, unless it ends at exactly 3 light-years from the planet (the yellow squares in the image).