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There are a few starships that have been designed with the ability to perform a Hyperspace Jump, or Hyperjump. Due to limits in the technologies being used, only certain starships (all very small) have this ability.

When a starship performs a Hyperjump, the engine consumes 50 KT of Neutronium. This fuel allows the Hyperjump engine to quickly transport the starship to any destination between 340 and 360 light-years from where the starship started. This takes place during the standard movement phase.

In a Hyperjump, the starship travels through Hyper-Space to the destination. While the starship is in Hyper-Space, many of the common problems that might be encountered in normal space are avoided. Specifically, there is no chance to be hit by a mine (normal or web) while in Hyper-Space, although if the starship ends up in a web minefield, it could lose fuel the next turn. In addition, Ion Storms can often be avoided, but if the starship ends up in one, it could be dragged and/or damaged, depending on the storm's strength.

If a starship performs a Hyperjump that intersects with a star cluster's radiation halo, it will suffer the same number of radiation-caused crew deaths as it would in normal space. If a starship performs a Hyperjump that intersects with the core of a star cluster, the starship will be destroyed.

In order to instruct your starship to Hyperjump, you must set a course in the direction you wish to travel with a destination greater than 20 light-years, set the speed greater than Warp 0, and set the Friendly Code to HYP . If the distance selected is not within the range of 340-360 light-years, the starship will travel 350 light-years on the selected course. You can fine-tune the destination. Take special care with planetary Warp Wells , as only the inner two rings (green squares in image below) will draw your ship to the planet.

Note: Towing a starship set to Hyperjump will cancel the jump.

See also: Out of Fuel.