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Try to Tow

Starships —> Missions —> Try to Tow

Any starship with two engines may attempt to tow another starship that starts the turn at the same location by selecting the Try to Tow Mission. In general, it is possible to tow any starship that you can see.

If successful, a tow will accomplish two things. First, it will move the towed starship to the same destination that the towing starship reaches. Second, it will set the speed of the towed starship to 0.

A successful tow will interrupt attempts by the towed starship to initiate a Firecloud Chunnel or Hyperjump , and will prevent a towed Firecloud from being the target of a successful Chunnel.

The Crystals and the Privateers have the ability to Tow Capture a fuelless starship using the tow mission. In addition, all races have the ability to capture Ghost Starships (see Star Clusters ) by towing them. The capture can be avoided by use of the NBR Friendly Code.

It is possible to break a tow by doing all of the following:

  1. Have more than 25 KT of fuel aboard the starship trying to break a tow lock.
  2. Have two engines on the starship trying to break a tow lock.
  3. Set a long waypoint with the starship trying to break a tow lock. This is a waypoint greater than the square of the warp speed. As an example, a long waypoint for a ship travelling at warp-7 would be 49.1 light-years or more.
  4. Set the speed of the starship trying to break a tow lock to be equal to or greater than the speed of the towing starship. Speed is in terms of light-years per turn, not warp.

Towing takes place during the tow phase of the movement stage of the Host Order. The three major movement phases of the Host are:

It is important to note that towing takes place in order of ascending Ship ID number. Lower-numbered starships, therefore, will succeed at towing higher-numbered starships that fail to break tow-lock in case of a tie.

For an excellent and exhaustive off-site article on the Tow Mission, click here.

See also: Out of Fuel.