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The Solar Federation was founded on Earth many centuries ago, but over time has come to embrace a wide variety of races and cultures from across the stars. They have become a highly inclusive people with a scientific bent and natural gifts for engineering, improvisation and luck. While many races find their highly structured form of government intrusive and confining, others delight in the cosmopolitan nature of their society.

They value all life and protect and nurture it where possible, making them popular among the native species they encounter. They see their path as ideal, fair and diplomatic. However, when challenged history suggests they will do whatever needs to be done to ensure their survival.

They arrived in the Echo Cluster seeking new life and civilizations. They came with a strong engineering background but relatively weak technology, however the conflict they encountered here has led to a sudden burst in advancement and rifts in their society with some members activating the forbidden “Echo” technology enabling individuals to skip through time using lightspeed time dilation effects.

Their peak tech on arrival was the ability to build their most versatile ship the Nebula Class Cruiser. Within a few generations they advanced quickly adding many specialized and more powerful hull designs featuring powerful torpedo launching technology. Culminating in their most impressive battleship the Nova Class Super-Dreadnought.

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