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There exist a vast number of extremely useful and versatile plugins for use with the website and game. Some are designed to work only with the original client, but most are designed for the new. None are actually hosted by, and every link to them is offsite.

Some of these plugins are known to conflict with others, and some aren't up-to-date at any given point in time. It is also possible that changes to the Client will cause an add-on to stop working, or will interfere with a plugin to such an extent that the Client will stop working. Some of the more useful plugins are in the process of being incorporated into the client software. Therefore, any specific information may be out-of-date at any point in time.

All information shown about a plugin is provided by the author, either directly, or from the on-line description of the plugin.

It should be remembered that no form of off-site content is either the property or responsibility of Use at your own risk.

Client Compatibility

Late in 2018, released a new version of the Client. There are a few compatibility issues with plugins between the old Client and the new Client. Mcnimble has assembled a list of which plugins are conpatible on this offsite page.

Browser Compatibility

This list shows the expected level of browser compatibility of plugins. Please note that just because a browser is shown as supporting plugins doesn't mean that every plugin will work properly under the browser. This is for informational purposes only, and is correct to the best of our knowledge. This information was extracted from Mcnimble's installation instructions.

If a browser isn't listed, it may, or may not, support plugins.

Author: Big Beefer

Author: Dotman

Author: Dtolman

Author: Kedalion

Author: Mcnimble

Author: Robodoc

The above list is only a sample of the many features that can be added or changed with plugins. For the most complete list of plugins known, please see

If you've never installed browser extensions before, check the "installation" section on this page: