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The Cyborg are an ancient species which had developed a galactic scale civilization until a galactic scale cataclysm befell them. Forced to abandon their home they uploaded trillions of minds into deeply connected “unions” and set out on an intergalactic journey. Upon finding new life they set about assimilating the native planetary populations into Cyborgs in order to provide “real” bodies to free their trillions of trapped minds.

These minds have been trapped for so long that a neurotic insanity has arisen within the people who exist in these twisted collective unions. They feel nothing for the millions whose bodies they are stealing, only an insatiable need for release from their digital bonds.

The heart of their technology is the union itself. A protocol that enables a single consciousness to emerge from the thoughts and feelings of the trapped minds within. This entity has the ability to bend space and time itself, opening wormholes to allow their powerful fleets to “chunnel” across vast distances in a moment.

A union can stretch across entire sectors of space, however it has its limits. Disconnected unions operating in different sectors form their own conscious mind with its voice, opinions and direction. However, whenever two unions are reunited, a brief power struggle occurs, before the protocol asserts a primary and the union becomes one, sending the other consciousness to oblivion.

Once “freed” into a native body an illusion of having an individual voice is achieved. However, the force of the union is overwhelming and drives all toward further assimilation.

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