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Some see themselves as legitimate governments, others call themselves mercenaries; others truly are the merest pirates, vile and without honor. The Privateer Bands encompass all types in their armada. Their common bond is a detestation of taxation and tyranny, and deep bloodlines they can trace back generations. Like long lost sisters, the bands know each other so well they can use their fleet of small ships with such flexibility that they have become one of the most feared and effective powers in the Echo Cluster.

Much like their ships, as a species they are small and agile. Their society is largely run by the females, who are considered beautiful, sensual and extremely dangerous by most humanoids.

The more punctilious may call it "commerce raiding" or "liberating enemy supplies", however it is termed, the main weapon of the Privateers is theft. Their technology is designed to support this. They have incredibly fast, cloaking ships that can sneak up on enemy ships, robbing them of fuel and cargo, ultimately boarding them and stealing the ship.

Without the ability to capture enemy vessels, the Privateer fleet would be quite weak indeed. They boast only a medium carrier, the Bloodfang Class Carrier and no battleships.

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