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The various games at have different conditions that must be met in order to achieve victory. Be sure to check the win conditions on a game before joining so you know in advance what you will be trying to accomplish.

The win conditions are as follows:

Diplomatic Planets

This is the win condition that is used on all automatically-generated games at It's purpose is to allow a player, team, or alliance who has shown domination of the game to be the winner. It is advised that most custom games use this win condition.

You win in Diplomatic Planets by capturing and holding a certain number of planets by yourself or with some allies. You must hold those planets through a 5-turn (consecutive) Victory Countdown. The following number of planets are required to win in Diplomatic Planets battles:

If, on the same turn, the Win Conditions are met by two different players, alliances, or teams, the precedence rules for starting a Victory Countdown will be followed.

Note: As planetoids do not count as planets for win conditions, maps that have Debris Disks will have fewer than the normal 500 planets (each debris disk replaces one planet), and the win conditions may be slightly lower. As an example, 40% may end up being 199 or 198 planets in a normal 500-planet game.

Total Planets

This win condition was created for the Championship Games. It's purpose is to only allow a winner when that player has shown total domination of the game.

Total Planets battles are similar to Diplomatic Planets but can only be won by one player. This win condition is most often used in Championship battles. As above, planetoids do not count as planets for win conditions.

When using the Total Planets win conditions, the maximum number of allies should be set to "0", and teams should not be configured. If the lead player in a Total Planets game has any full alliances, the Victory Countdown will not be triggered, and the game will not end.

Fixed Turn

Fixed turn games will end on a certain turn. The player or alliance with the most planets on the specified turn wins. It is possible to end a Fixed Turn game early if a player or alliance meets the win conditions of a Diplomatic Planets victory and the 5-turn Victory Countdown completes prior to the fixed turn limit.

All Planets

The All Planets win condition can be met only by a single player controlling all of the planets. An alliance of players cannot win an All Planets game.

Top Advance

A Top Advance game will end when a specified number of players remain. When enough players have been eliminated, either through FoF or total destruction, the winner will be the player or alliance controlling the most planets.

Military Score

This win condition may not be used for new Public games.

This win condition was used on many of the early games at, but it was found to heavily favor the races with the Build Fighters racial advantage.

Military Score battles are economic battles. They are decided by obtaining a certain percentage of the total overall military score. This is commonly used for blitz games where one player must have 90% of the military score to win. In non-blitz games, one player must have 65% of the military score. An Alliance can not achieve the Military Score win conditions.

Individual Player Ranking

Win Conditions determine the victors of each game, but also at the end of every game, each player is individually ranked based on their planet count. Players tied for the top planet count will be ranked according to the following criteria: