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Military Score

As a Measure of Military Strength

The Military Score is based on the VGA Planets "AutoScore" add-on, and it is the number on a game's Scoreboard marked as "Military". It is determined by adding the construction cost of warships, starbase defense posts and fighters, planetary defense posts, and minefields. The point value of the construction cost is 1 point for each MegaCredit and 5 points for each KT of mineral used in construction. Fixed-position items only receive half-credit, as they are considered to be less of a threat than a mobile fleet.

There are four items that are counted in the Military Score:

As a Win Condition

A game can be decided based on Military Score as a Win Condition. It is available for custom-made Private games, but as it was found to heavily favor the races with the Build Fighters racial advantage, it cannot be enabled for Public games.

In such a game, the winner is declared when one player achieves a specific percentage of the Military Score. As a custom-game feature, this percentage can be adapted; the default is 65%. While the actual Military Score is displayed on the game's scoreboard, the percentage is displayed on the sector's main page, under the "Players" tab. It is displayed as a percentage next to each race's planet count.

There will be no Victory Countdown for a Military Score victory.

Teams or alliances cannot combine their Military Scores to achieve victory. It is designed to be an individual achievement.