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Dashboard —> Scoreboard

The Scoreboard can be accessed from the Dashboard. It displays data for every player in the game, and it includes listings of the net changes made since the previous turn. A copy of the scoreboard, along with other analysis tools, is also available out-of-game from the Game Information page on the website.

Each player has a row listing the present player's name and race, their total ship, planet, and starbase numbers, two scores - Military Score and Raw Score - and their present accumulated Priority Build Points or Priority Points, as appropriate for the game. Net changes since the previous turn are to the right of the present numbers, displayed in green for increases and in red for decreases. At the bottom are some totals which make it easier to keep track of such things as planet ownership and the ship limit.

It should be noted that the ship count only includes the starships that are owned by players. Ghost ships (starships with no crew) are not shown, but do count towards the ship limit.

NOTE: The Scoreboard will show far less information in games where the Stealth Mode option has been enabled.