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Glory Device

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The Fascists have two base starships that have an explosive device built into the hull called a Glory Device. These two starships are the D19b Nefarious Class Destroyer and the Saber Class Frigate. In addition, the Glory Device is in three starships that can be researched for use in Campaign games. These are the D7b Painmaker Class Cruiser, the D19c Nefarious Class Destroyer and the Saber Class Shield Generator.

A Glory Device consists of a shaped charge of chemical explosive placed near the in-system engines, and configured to blast through them. This creates a plasma flare that does damage to nearby starships similar to the amount of damage from a single mine hit. The starship containing the Glory Device is, of course, completely destroyed. This starship destruction is much more controlled than normal, so it is not noticed by remote sensors.

Starships owned by the Fascists take less damage from a Glory Device detonation than other races. In addition, starships owned by the race that controls the Glory Device take less damage. This is because the race that controls the starship containing the Glory Device has the ability to steer the plasma flare away from their starships. In addition, the Fascists who developed it built in a safety override which automatically steers the plasma flare away from any Fascist starship. To date, no race has been able to disable the safety override without disabling the Glory Device.

If a Glory Device detonation occurs over a planet with Amorphous natives, all the natives will be converted into supplies at the rate of 1 KT of supplies per 1,000 natives, regardless of planet owner.

If a Glory Device detonation occurs over an uncolonized planet, or over a planet controlled by a player other than the player who controlled the Glory Device, it will kill 40% of all colonists (except Lizard and Crystalline), 40% of all natives (except Bovinoid, Reptilian, and Siliconoid), and a significant portion of Planetary Structures ( Mines , Factories and Defense Posts ). It is not possible to completely depopulate a planet by using Glory devices; at least 1 clan will always remain.

Starship Damage Collateral Structures
Hull Delivered Damage Destroyed
D19b 1 mine 0.2 mines 25%
D19c 1 mine 0.2 mines 25%
D7b 0.5 mines 0.1 mines 12.5%
Saber Class
1 mine 0.1 mines 25%
Saber Class
Shield Generator
1 mine 0.1 mines 25%

Glory Device Friendly Codes:

Any cloaked starship that is damaged by a Glory Device will uncloak immediately.

For specifics on timing with regard to the Host Order and the Glory Device, please see The Host Order of Combat.

For an in-depth look at details and tactics associated with the Glory Device, this off-site guide may be of use.

See also: Out of Fuel.