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Many ships can hide using a cloaking device built into their hull. Cloaked ships do not show up on enemy scanners and are protected from enemy attack.

Cloaking is a ship ability that is available to many starships (see list below). It is activated by selecting the Cloak Mission. Cloaking consumes 1 KT of fuel for every 20 KT of hull mass (rounded down), with a minimum fuel consumption of 5 KT. The higher grade Advanced Cloaking devices don't consume fuel in order to cloak.

Cloaked ships will not attack planets, even if their primary enemy is set to the owner of the planet. Cloaked ships can attack primary enemy starships while cloaked. If they suffer no damage, or only shield damage, during combat, they will remain cloaked; otherwise, from that point they can be attacked by enemy ships or planets. A damaged starship will not be able to either initiate a cloak or maintain an active cloak; if the ship is damaged at the start of the turn the cloaking device will not consume fuel. Even repairing damage on a starship with supplies does not restore cloaking in that same turn.

Please note that being cloaked will interfere with many cooperative actions, such as cargo transfer with another player's starship in the same location. A cloaked vessel can send goods, but it cannot receive them save by its own action.

Cloaking emerges several times during the host order:

For more information on cloaking, please see the cloaking details page.

The following basic starships have the cloak advantage:

The following Campaign starships have the cloak advantage:

See also Out of Fuel , Super Spy and Priority Intercept Attack.