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Native Races - Details

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WARNING: This page is a work in progress. While the data it contains is believed to be accurate, it is known to be incomplete.


The initial distribution is performed when the game map is created. At that time, all planets outside of the homeworld clusters are considered for population with natives. The nativeprobability game setting determines the percentage of those planets that will actually receive natives.

When a planet is selected to receive natives, the system randomly selects from the following list of races:

  1. Humanoid
  2. Bovinoid
  3. Reptilian
  4. Avian
  5. Amorphous
  6. Amorphous
  7. Insectoid
  8. Amphibian
  9. Ghipsoldal
  10. Siliconoid
  11. Botanical

The presence of Amorphous natives twice in the above list is not an error. Statistically, Amorphous natives appear twice as often as any other single type of native.


The native population for planets outside of the homeworld clusters is determined by the minnativeclans and maxnativeclans game settings.

Government Level

The initial government level is determined when the natives are placed on the planet. It can only be changed by the use of an Enlighten Class Research Vessel (Bird Campaign starship) or by the Horwasp.

The level of government is randomly selected according to a table that is selected when the game is generated. The selected value is stored in the nativegovernmentlevel game setting.

    Government Type         Tax Efficiency         Low         Med         High    
Anarchy 20%     10 out of 75         1 out of 17         2 out of 75    
Pre-Tribal 40% 10 out of 75 2 out of 17 3 out of 75
Early-Tribal 60% 15 out of 75 2 out of 17 5 out of 75
Tribal 80% 10 out of 75 2 out of 17 10 out of 75
Feudal 100% 10 out of 75 3 out of 17 10 out of 75
Monarchy 120% 10 out of 75 2 out of 17 10 out of 75
Representative 140% 5 out of 75 2 out of 17 15 out of 75
Participatory 160% 3 out of 75 2 out of 17 10 out of 75
Unity 180% 2 out of 75 1 out of 17 10 out of 75

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