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In the dim reaches of time, the ubiquitous Tim Continuum was a legendary force for justice. Its mighty agents tirelessly patrolled the Echo Cluster in all of its myriad dimensions, protecting the innocent and levying vast and unspeakably horrific punishments upon the guilty. Named for its mysterious founder, attention from the Tim Continuum was rightly dreaded by rule-breakers everywhere.

Today, the Tim Continuum continues the struggle against the unlawful. Under the guidance of Joshua, enigmatic Leader of the Galactic Senate, operatives of the Tim Continuum patrol the wars within the Echo Cluster. If they detect violations of the few Rules, they can mete out justice in a wide range of inventive and assuredly unpleasant forms.

Known consequences of Tim Continuum intervention include the removal of fuel from ships belonging to a player's fleet, followed by the subsequent scattering of these vessels throughout their cluster. The consequences can vary in degree from mild to horrific.

If you should encounter members of the Tim Continuum about their rounds, please be assured that, in person, they are not the dark and terrible eidolons of corruption their reputations suggest. Instead, they are often pleasant and gregarious by nature, and will very rarely rain chaos and disruption on the truly innocent and undeserving.

It should be noted that the administrators monitor the operatives of the Tim Continuum, but rarely make public comments on the actions of those operatives.

Only the guilty need fear.