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Torpedoes and Torpedo Tubes

Starships —> Weapon Technical Details —> Torpedoes

Torpedo tubes fire torpedoes. A torpedo takes up 1 KT of cargo space. In combat the torpedo is moved from the cargo hold into the launch tube. The torpedo is the most powerful individual weapon on any starship and has a range second only to fighters. Major drawbacks of torpedoes are the firing time, the cargo space needed to hold the torpedoes, and the mass of the torpedo launchers and ammunition.

A launcher is only able to fire torpedoes designed for it. For example, a Mark 5 Photon Torpedo can only be fired from a Mark 5 Photon Torpedo Launcher. For safety reasons a starship may only build and carry torpedoes that match the torpedo launch system it has. Freighters and carriers, having no launch tubes, may not transport torpedoes.

Once fired, torpedoes are permanently expended and new torpedoes be built. New torpedoes can be instantly constructed at a starbase or in space by starships using the MKT Friendly Code. Each new torpedo will cost the same minerals and megacredits to construct aboard ship as it would on a starbase.

Approximately 35% of all torpedoes fired at enemy ships or planets miss.

Ships can convert their torpedoes into deep space mines using the Lay Mines mission. In addition, the Crystals can convert their torpedoes into web mines using the Lay Web Mines mission.