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NOTE: This article describes some aspects of a new innovation at Planets Nu, presently in development even as it's being deployed. As we learn more, we will add it to the knowledge base. Presently, however, this page should be presumed to be incomplete.

Player Groups provide a way for like-minded individuals to hold private discussions apart from the main Planets Activity Feed. Any player in good standing may create a Group and invite other players to join. Admins, designated by the original founder and other Admins, have membership authority but no other ability to moderate the discussion.

In addition, each player may choose to belong to one League Group, which will provide an avenue to sanctioned play and a potential shot at the Emperor Wars.

With Leagues, each League Group with one of the top eleven scores for the season will be able to select champions among their own number, with a Supreme Commander vying directly for the title, plus a designated First Officer and Chief Diplomat. While only the Supreme Commander will be eligible to become Emperor, unique badges and titles will be awarded for other surviving participants. In event of a drop, other League members will be eligible to join the game.