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NOTE: This article describes some aspects of a new innovation at Planets Nu, presently in development even as it's being deployed. As we learn more, we will add it to the knowledge base. Presently, however, this page should be presumed to be incomplete.

League play is being introduced at Planets Nu, as the successor to the Zodiac Wars of the previous era. Formerly, the top eleven champions, one representing each race, were invited to risk all by participating in an all-or-nothing contest for the Imperial throne. With Leagues, each League Group with one of the top eleven scores for the season will be able to select champions among their own number, with a Supreme Commander vying directly for the title, plus a designated First Officer and Chief Diplomat. While only the Supreme Commander will be eligible to become Emperor, unique badges and titles will be awarded for other surviving participants. In event of a drop, other League members will be eligible to join the game.

League position is determined by the results in League Sanctioned games played during each season. Each player can opt to join one Long Format game, plus a limited number of 1 v. 1 Blitz, 2 v. 2 Blitz, or Dogfight Short Format games. Each type of game awards a different number of points depending on a player's placement within that game.

The first League season (including all its games) will end in December, at which time the first League War and any title bouts will begin. The next season will commence in January of the following year.