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Clicking on the entry for a game will open the information page for that game.

At the top is a status pane listing several of the initial conditions and settings used to create the game. Most of these can be selected to see the documentation on that parameter. On the right of that pane, below a colored graph representing mineral densities, there are up to three links:

The bottom half of this page has several tabs. The top tab shows a list of player positions. Open positions in ongoing or joining games will be highlighted in green. For "dead" players, an entry ("Dead") will be recorded. Present players will have listings with active links to their player pages. The bar will be highlighted in amber (indicating that the player failed to complete their last turn) or red (indicating that the player failed to complete their last two turns and is in danger of being dropped due to inactivity). At the right is a column of turn status markers; white indicates an unopened turn, amber an opened but incomplete turn, and green a completed turn.

It should be noted that if a turn is marked as complete less than an hour before the game is scheduled to turn, it will sometimes be mistakenly considered to be a missed turn.

Active games which you are currently playing have a "Resign" button on that player bar. The history and turns of completed inactive public games can be viewed by other players.

The second tab allows access to the game's public activity feed. Inside the game, posts to the Public Board appear here. It is possible for non-players to post to the Public Board from this screen.

The third tab provides information on the number of planets and the military score of the unallied players and the groups of players with alliances. This is a great way to see how a team game is progressing or how two ally groups are doing near the end of a game.

The other tabs access a variety of graphics and informational charts showing current game status.