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This page contains status information on a player's training levels.

There are ten training levels for each of the eleven Classic races. These games are generated each time, so the position of the planets, homeworlds, nebulae and star clusters will probably be different for each game.

The game can be played with Beginner rules (default) or Standard rules. The Beginner rules scenarios are simpler and are designed to get the new player used to the basic actions performed in a game. To play with Standard rules, the level must be created from the Levels menu, not from within a game after completion.

Each level has a specific scenario that must be defeated to win. Completing a level with one race does not count as completing them with all races. The information on the games is as follows:

Level      Name      Opponents      Planets      Win
1 Basic Training Feds 8 All Planets
2 X Sector Fascists 21 All Planets
3 Scanner Darkly Evil Empire 24 All Planets
4 Y Sector Feds 36 All Planets
5 Fierce Contest Colonies, Fascists and Lizards 60 All Planets
6 Z Sector Robots 40 All Planets
7 Nebulaic Feds and Rebels 40 All Planets Must explore nebula for planets
8 Feel the Burn Fascists and Robots 50 All Planets Star Clusters
9 The Web Crystals 50 All Planets Web mines
10 Sector 111 Colonies, Feds, Evil Empire, Lizards and Robots 150 Total Planets