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The Map page displays historical information about the Public games played at, along with a small amount of information on the current games. This historical information has little or no relevance to current games. Ongoing games in a sector share nothing with these historical games except the name.

This page has two panes. To the left is an information pane; to the right the map pane.

Information Pane

The default information pane contains a list of the races, a count of the public games you've been in, and a count of the currently active public games. Selecting a race will display the total sectors they control under all commanders along with various statistics about the wins and losses of that race. Selecting Your Sectors will display information on the games you've played in. Selecting Conflicts will display information on overall status and history.

When a race is selected, in addition to displaying the sectors controlled, if multiple sectors of sufficient stability are close to each other, a trade route will be established between the sectors. The strength of the trade route is proportional to the stability of the sectors and inversely proportional to the distance between the sectors. Trade routes increase local stability.

Map Pane

The map pane contains a map showing which race controls which planetary sector. By selecting a planet, it is possible to see the history of games for the sector with the same name. The total planets for the games in that sector are shown. If no race has at least 20% of the planets in the sector, then the sector is unowned, and has a Stability of 50%. Once a race has controlled at least 20% of the planets, they gain control of the sector, and the Stability moves to between 70% and 100%, depending both on the percentage of planets controlled and on the status of nearby sectors.

Selecting a planet in the map pane will display information on the historical conflicts for that sector along with the total planet counts of the various races present there. It will also show which race presently controls the sector and how strongly.

Custom games are randomly assigned to sectors; system-generated games are assigned to sectors which are less stable.