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Jettison Cargo pane

Starships —> Jettison Cargo Pane

The Jettison Cargo Pane is used to jettison cargo from a starship. It can be activated by selecting the Jettison action from the Cargo section of the Starship Interface Pane. This action is only available when the starship is not orbitting a planet.

MegaCredits may not be jettisoned, due to the regulations of the Nuniversal Reserve Bank. Cargo may not be jetisoned while a spaceship is in orbit, in an effort to reduce damage to orbiting starships due to impact with the jetsam.

For each item type that can be jettisoned, there will be a line in the Jettison Cargo Pane. That line will contain information on the amount of the item type available for jettison, and transfer arrows for 1, 10, 100, and 1,000 of the items in each direction. To transfer the item, select the appropriate arrows. To transfer the maximum possible number of an item type, hold the Shift key while selecting the arrow.

It should be noted that a starship may not perform a Jettison action in the same turn as a transfer to a foreign starship.

See also: Out of Fuel.