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Strategic Information Sharing Act

This act was passed in Nu Year 0011. It forbids players from passing information they receive from one active Intelligence source to another active Intelligence source.

If an agreement with an Intelligence source is terminated, any Intelligence information previously gathered from this source could be shared with active Intelligence sources.

Treaty of Nimbus 7

The core of the Nimbus 7 Treaty states:

No starship may attack or destroy any starship that is out of fuel. Such starships are helpless and unable to defend or protect themselves. Destroying helpless starships, and the crews in those starships, would be a tragic and senseless loss of life.

Of course there is no treaty that keeps a Commander from towing an out of fuel starship back to their starbase and forcing a surrender. Once all of the crew is off of the starship and onto your planet, you can do just about whatever you want with the starship.

In addition, planets and starbases are allowed to fire on most out of fuel starships by using the NUK Friendly Code.

It should be noted that the Horwasp have not yet signed this treaty. Every delegation sent to the Horwasp by the Nuniversal Council has been eaten. Due to this inconvenience, progress on getting the Horwasp to agree to this treaty is expected to be very slow.

See also: Out of Fuel.