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Sensor Sweep

Starships —> Missions —> Sensor Sweep

A starship which has selected the Sensor Sweep mission will scan nearby planets for traces of other players. There is a chance that any planet within 200 light-years will return a report giving ownership details and the approximate level of industry present on its surface.

The chance of this industry being detected is increased as the number of structures on the target increases beyond 15 Factories or 20 Mineral Mines. However, every Defense Post reduces the chances of that planet being detected by just under 7%. A planet with 16 or more Defense Posts can not be detected by this mission unless the starship is in orbit around it.

For games created after January 1, 2021 (Nu year 121), Starships with this mission can detect unarmed Horwasp pods at 30 light-years and armed Horwasp pods at 60 light-years. With other missions, or for games created prior to the above date, unarmed Horwasp pods are detected at 25 light-years and armed Horwasp pods at 50 light-years.

In addition, in a game where the optional wormhole feature is enabled, this mission scans for nearby wormholes.

Starships equipped with Bioscanners (or Advanced Bioscanners ) will be unable to perform the Sensor Sweep mission. Instead, they will have the ability to run the Bioscan mission.

See also: Out of Fuel.