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Rob Ship

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The Privateer Bands are very good at taking the cargo and fuel from the starships other races. This is the result of long years researching methods of transporting through shields. Due to the required precision of the transporter settings, and the roughness of the landing, fighters and torpedoes can not be taken. For this to work, the transporter power is tuned by the beam transducers, limiting the starships that can perform this mission.

If a carrier is performing a Rob Ship mission against another carrier, and the Rob Fighters Campaign advantage is enabled, in addition to cargo and fuel, the ship will attempt to rob some fighters.

This mission is available to players with the Rob Ship advantage enabled. Only vessels armed with beam weapons may select this mission.

This mission is performed in order of ascending starship ID. The targets will be robbed in order of ascending starship ID. The fuel will be robbed, followed by money, Molybdenum, Tritanium, Duranium, Supplies and Colonists. Each robbing starship will fill their fuel tank, their safe (10,000 MegaCredit limit), and their hold.

Transfers involving a target of the same race of the ships to be robbed will occur as normal. Starship-to-starship transfers of fuel may be cancelled. Starship-to-foreign-starship transfers of cargo will attempt to function as normal unless the fuel tank of the sending ship is emptied.

If this mission is performed inside of a Protofield, the starship performing the Rob Ship mission will be destroyed.

If a starship has no fuel after being robbed, any mission that starship had other than Beam up Fuel will be immediately reset to Explore .

The following cannot be robbed:

This mission will be performed prior to all starship movement, including towing. This, combined with their tow capture advantage, is the core reason for the Privateer's success taking starships.

There is a small chance (1%) that this mission will fail. A failure will result in nothing being transferred.

See also: Out of Fuel.