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These matches require powerful economic development, incredible tactics, wicked diplomacy and nerves of steel, and each is likely to rage on for many Years. It is in its truest form, with only the best players participating, where only one can become the victor. There will be no prizes awarded for second place; you either win or you lose. These games are not for the faint of heart.

It is the Emperor who will be remembered, the vanquished forgotten.

Single Chamoionship Games were only used with the Zodiac Wars. The last of these was the Virgo War. Starting in January of 2020, the new Emperor is to be decided through the League system, where teams compete.


The requirements for entering a Championship Game are as follows.


Starting with the Cancer War, Championship Games receive Interest, like normal games, except that a minimum rank of Vice Admiral (or Rear Admiral if the game takes too long to fill) is required to express Interest. When the roster has been filled with enough qualified players, the Interested player with the highest rank in each race will be added to the game, and it will start.

If multiple players have the same rank, the Achievement Points will be used to break the tie.

The selected players will be given the honorary rank of "Supreme Commander" for the race they represent. This honorary rank stays in effect until the end of the Championship game, even if the player is no longer in the game.

If a player has adequate rank in multiple races, they will be considered for the races in order of their rank and Achievement. Under these circumstances, if a player wants to be considered for races in a different order, they should use the CONTACT button at the bottom of most pages to inform the Admins.

The format for the match will be some variation on a standard default configuration game held on a custom map with random circular starting positions which are carefully hand-balanced for fairness. The game will run three turns each week. No full allies will be permitted and only one player can win. The victor will be the first player to capture half the planets and hold them for five turns.

Top Mercenaries are invited to take over as replacements for dropped positions in Championship matches (with preference to those who have never been in one).


Approximately every six months (of real Earth time), a Championship match was begun. The top qualifying players from each race at that time were invited to participate in this Emperor's War. While participating in these games, officers will be awarded the temporary rank of "Supreme Commander" of their race. The winner of each Championship will become the new "Reigning Emperor of the Echo Cluster".

The format for the match was based on a standard default configuration game held on a custom map with random circular starting positions which were carefully hand-balanced for fairness. These games run three turns each week (two turns per week for the Scorpius War - First Championship game). No full allies will be permitted and only one player can win. The victor is the first player to capture a majority of the planets and hold them for five turns. (NOTE: Most Championships have formats that differ from the normal.)


Championship games are the only games at that require an ante. When a player is accepted as a starting player in a Championship game, all their Achievement points in the race they're playing as are the ante. These Achievement points are removed from the player at the end of the game, usually causing all players except the winner to be listed as receiving a negative number of Achievement points for the game. This ante has no effect on the badges previously earned.

During the game, players will receive Achievement points for the planets. Also, at the end of the game, they receive the standard end-of-game Achievement points for surviving.

At the end of the game, defeated players will have their rank reset to be appropriate for their Achievement Points at that time, including any Achievement Points earned in other games. This rank will always be lower than their honorary rank of "Supreme Commander", and will almost always be lower than the rank they had when entering the game. To honor their service, their "Highest Rank" will be set to "Supreme Commander".

As a replacement player, you do not put up an ante, do not receive an honorary rank, and are not subject to a possible rank reduction; however, some effects occur that simulate the ante. Upon joining and for the duration of the Championship match, your Achievement Points for the race you are playing as will be removed and your rank will decrease in a similar fashion as those players who started on Turn 1. Unlike the starting players, you will have the Achievement Points and rank returned to you. After the Championship game has concluded and the next time you complete a turn with the specific race, the returns will appear on your Officer's page.

Game Winner

The winner of each Championship match will become the new "Reigning Emperor of the Echo Cluster". As each Championship match ends, the title of Emperor will pass from one player to another. Therefore, some Emperors may reign for longer or shorter amounts of time.

Upon receiving the rank of Emperor, the following benefits are available:

Upon their retirement, Emperors will receive a permanent rank of "Emperor (Retired)" in the race they played as and will not be eligible to play in future Championship games as that race.

Game History

War      Announcement      Emperor      Starship      Reign
Scorpius Announcement Spacesquad (Crystals) Sapphire Class Space Ship 27-35
Taurus Announcement Dungeonmaster (Cyborg) Dungeon Class Stargate 24-27
Sagittarius Announcement Mentar (Colonies) Tantrum Liner 35-42
Aries Announcement Emork the Lizard King (Lizards) Zilla Class Battlecarrier 42-64
Capricorn Announcement Smn (Fascists) D9 Usva Class Stealth Raider 82-95
Leo Announcement Joesnoffy (Crystals) Selenite Class Battlecruiser 64-69
Gemini Announcement Darth Balls (Cyborg) Lorean Class Temporal Lance 69-74
Aquarius Announcement Emork the Lizard King (Crystals)
2nd Reign
Game Feature 74-82
Cancer Announcement
Wmerkel (Crystals) Pyrite Class Frigate 95-106
Pisces Start Kelmain Starship 128-132
Libra No start announcement Hiko (Lizards) Starship 106-125
Virgo No start announcement Iso--T (Crystals) Starship 125-128

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