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Planet Immunity

Starships —> Abilities —> Planet Immunity

This ability can be given to individual starships. When given to a starship, it stays with that starship regardless of which race owns it.

The Planet Immunity and Partial Planet Immunity advantages may also be of interest.

When a starship has the Planet Immunity ability, it can not be attacked by the defense posts on a planet, or a starbase in orbit around the planet. Planets may, however, return fire if the starship fires on them. This ability has no effect for Starship-to-starship combat, even in orbit around a planet.

No special Mission or Friendly Code is required to activate this ability.

This ability is applied to the following starships.

Starship Race Status
Super Star Destroyer Empire Classic
Ru25 Gunboats Empire Campaign
Ru30 Gunboats Empire Campaign
Topaz Class Gunboats Crystal Campaign
Imperial Topaz Class Gunboats Crystal Campaign

Starships with a status of Campaign are disabled by default, and can be researched with Campaign Resources. These starships may be used in Campaign games.

See also: Out of Fuel.