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Destroy Planet

Starships —> Mission —> Destroy Planet

The Gorbie Class BattleCarrier can use this mission to blow up a planet, turning it into a debris disk. The Gorbie must have Heavy Phasers, Transwarp Drives, a full tank of fuel and no damage. It must move to within 10 light-years of the target planet (the nearest planet will be targeted), but not inside the Warp Well, and set the mission to Destroy Planet .

When the mission is set to Destroy Planet any starship within a 300 light-year radius will receive a notice that the Gorbie has powered the death ray and is preparing to destroy the planet, the Gorbie's speed will be set to warp 0 and the starship may not move. The weapon will fire the following turn, after movement and combat, and all fuel will be used except 1 KT.

Destruction of the planet will create a Debris Disk with a radius of between 24 and 44 light-years. When a planet is destroyed, there is a shift in the gravity of the region which will affect nearby planets causing them to move slightly away from the destroyed planet. Any starships within 3 light-years of the planet are destroyed immediately. In addition, any large starships that are not permitted to be inside of a debris disk, but end up inside of the newly created debris disk, will be destroyed.

If other nearby planets are inside the newly created Debris Disk, they will be destroyed in a chain reaction.

The planetoids in the newly created Debris Disk(s) will have the same mineral amounts and densities as normal planetoids, but they will have no chance of having natives. In later turns, they have the same chances of acquiring natives as normal planetoids.

This mission is only available in Campaign games, and only when the initial player in the slot researched and enabled the Destroy Planet ability prior to joining the game.