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Written by Whisperer
Edited by Gnerphk Year 71

This guide provides a brief description of Scorched Earth defensive tactics.


First, I'll clarify what's meant by "Scorched Earth." In military tactics, this is the process where a retreating army destroys everything that the enemy might find usable. They burn crops and buildings, machinery and supplies. What won't burn gets dismantled, blown up, booby-trapped, or made unusable through some other process.

Why Should I Use This Method?

At, these tactics are used to deny an advancing enemy the resources they need to replenish and maintain their advance, primarily fuel, supplies, and MegaCredits. It can slow or even stop that enemy, providing you with the time you need to prepare a better defense. At the very least it will cause them to think hard about continuing their attack.

Advanced players can also scorch the earth on enemy worlds while behind their battle lines, siphoning off needed materiel from poorly guarded worlds. This is frequently employed by the more successful Bird and Fascist players, but anyone with cloaking vessels can cause great damage in this fashion with little effort.

When Should I Not Use This Method?

In general, you should be careful what you destroy if you intend to take the planet back in the near future. In addition, if the invader is using ground assault, it would not be a good idea to reduce your colonist population too far.

How To Minimize Resources

The very best way to reduce the resources that are left behind for an invader is to simply take them elsewhere. This denies those resources to the attacker and allows you to use them in the future. However, since this is not always possible, there are other methods, as follows: