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A Guide To Planets Roleplaying

Guides —> Other —> Roleplaying, like VGA Planets before it, is complex, intricate, and highly challenging multiplayer strategy game. There is so much to the rules, in fact, that many people don't consider themselves to be competent until after completing several games. True mastery can take years.

But much of the enjoyment in the game comes not from technical expertise but instead from interactions with the other players -- and I'm not talking about just driving your Biocides into his battleships and making things go boom. A great many players enjoy the chat as much as they do the warfare, particularly the negotiations over trades and borders. And many of us like to roleplay some of these interactions, acting out the part of a commander of our chosen race (or the captain of a particular ship that's been in combat, or the governor of a planet with fleets flying overhead -- whatever works).

Here's some tips to remember if you plan to roleplay, or if you happen to run into a roleplayer. Following these guidelines will make things go more smoothly for you and may prevent serious misunderstandings.

Some of you who are new to the game, to science fiction in general, or to roleplaying may want some ideas about how best to portray your race in character. Below, you can find a list of the eleven races along with suggestions about how they might behave.

These are just ideas; don't feel bound by them. Be inventive! Have fun with it! And -- I'll see you in space.