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Guide to Identification of Farming Games

By Whisperer Year 63

Guides —> Other —> Guide to Identification of Farming Games

This guide shows players how to identify games that can be used for farming Achievement points, Badges and Campaign Resources. It is unfortunate that, by describing how to identify a farming game, it is necessary to describe how to create a farming game. As the vast majority of players at are honest and trustworthy, it is expected that the information in this guide will be primarily used to identify farming games that were either accidentally created, or created by the minority.

It should be noted that it is very easy to accidentally create a game that can be used for farming, and the ability to use a game for farming does not imply that it was designed for that purpose. It is not the intention of this guide to describe any specific player as a farmer, or any specific game as a farming game.

For the purposes of this guide, the term "farming" indicates any process that causes players to accumulate Campaign Resources, Achievement Points or Badges at a rate that significantly exceeds the rate of system-generated games. Farming is not against any rules, but a player who intentionally farms, or who intentionally creates farming games, usually won't play as well as non-farming players of a similar rank.

To identify farming games, look for any of the following in the game settings:

The more of the above that are found in the settings for a game, the more likely it is to have been set up intentionally for badge farming.

The mineral levels, as shown by the "neutroniumlevel", "duraniumlevel", "tritaniumlevel" and "molybdenumlevel" parameters are not, at this time, able to be reliably predicted, or set by the Host, and are therefore not indications of a farming game.