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Early Shipbuilding

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Every race plays differently, and even within that there are different general strategies that can be employed, different tactics that can be attempted to maximize one's performance within that race. Here, we will concentrate on ships that can best be built to improve expansion in the early game. Please note that this guide is designed for Classic and Standard games.

Common Ships

Most races can build the following:

Every race uses these differently, some not at all. Colonial players often rely on Cobols instead of Medium Deep Space Freighters, for example, and the Federation can't construct a Neutronic Fuel Carrier, relying instead on the large fuel tanks of their freighter fleet.

Race-Specific Ships

It's important to remember that different game formats will require different fleet compositions. It's also vital to tune your fleet specifically to fit in the space you have, with the planets you own or plan to acquire. Finally, there are several gambits or general methods of play which demand specific fleet compositions, and this is not covered here.