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PlanetsCon 2017 was held in Espoo on August 18-20. The common room holds 15-25 attendees.


This PlanetsCon was at Nuuksiontie 83, Espoo. Karhunpesä is a big log cabin on the border of the Nuuksio national park, in a beautiful and somewhat isolated setting. It is perfect for a conference, with a fireplace, good BBQ setup, sauna (obviously! It's Finland) and a big palju (outdoors heated bath tub). This facility allows people to bring their own food and drinks, with optional catering.

There's conference space for up to 15-25 people. In addition, up to 18 guests can stay overnight, which allows for proper late-night conferencing.

There are really nice national park hiking paths starting right next to the place. For example a good day trek option for your significant others.


Depending on how many nights the attendees will be at the Venue, the cost was between 70€ (Saturday conference + beers + BBQ) and 170€ (add Friday night and Sunday night stay). This covers the venue cost, food cost and beer cost. Karhunpesä being an overnight booking with lodging brings the cost up, but on the other hand as it removes the need to book a hotel for Sat-Sun the deal might actually be very good for travelers coming from far away.

Traveller Information

The event organizers organized lifts for those traveling from far away. For those who drive, there was plenty of parking at the facility. Alternatively, there's a bus stop quite close, and the bus ride from the Espoo Center Railway Station is only about 30 minutes.


As with most conferences of this sort, the schedule is fluid until it's happened.


If any of the presenters wish to add anything to their presentation entries (notes, slide deck or an additional video), please inform the Documentation Editors.

Info Channels

Other Activities

In addition to the presentations, the PlanetsCon attendees did many of the usual things.



Be Merry

and, most importantly, good conversation about

Wrap Up

Thus ends another excellent PlanetsCon.


We would like to acknowledge the efforts of Smn , Iso--T and Commander Koski in putting this together. We would also like to thank the presenters, without whom there would be no PlanetsCon. Most especially, we would like to thank Tim Wisseman ( @Tim Wisseman ) for creating this wonderful game and Joshua ( @Joshua ) for providing a modern interface for it.

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