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PlanetsCon 2016 was held at the Courtyard by Marriot in Springfield, Ohio on October 1. The currently presentation room holds approximately 30 attendees.


100 South Fountain Avenue
Springfield, Ohio 45502

For reservations at the hotel, made prior to September 1, use code "hmgs" for a discounted rate.


The estimated price for this event is currently $20 per person. This is to pay for the room only. Travel, food and lodgings are not included. The exact price will be determined by the number of attendees.


For unknown reasons, the audio in most of the videos was distorted, sometimes significantly.

The following presentations are currently planned for this PlanetsCon:

Delayed Presentations

Ikester has stated that he plans to record his presentation and make it available.

Remote Viewing

There was a camera sending through for real-time viewing.

Frostriese has arranged a meeting in Mainz, Germany to view the PlanetsCon as it happens. Details of this can be found at

Area Attractions

The primary attraction in the area that players might be interested in is the the Advance the Colors event held across the street. This is being held by the Great Lakes chapter of the Historical Miniature Gaming Society (HMGS).


We would like to acknowledge the efforts of Tom Graves in putting this together, and Col. Khlnck for locating a venue. We would also like to thank the presenters, without whom there would be no PlanetsCon. Most especially, we would like to thank Tim Wisseman ( @Tim Wisseman ) for creating this wonderful game and Joshua ( @Joshua ) for providing a modern interface for it.

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